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☾ ℭecil ℌarvey (AU) ([personal profile] proteusmoon) wrote in [community profile] nsamusements 2013-04-25 09:10 am (UTC)

[ Finally, the hour that even a natural night owl like Cecil must retire at arrives and the paladin makes her way at last back up through the Tower to the dormitories. She's not surprised to find the corridors and the washrooms empty, as she's seen these floors in this condition many times before, but it still is a sight that never fails to reaffirm how alone she is most of the time. She spends her mornings alone, her days alone, her evenings alone, and even her nights are spent with only the monsters of the Tower for company.

She supposes that is the point, but she suspects it's also her fault for intentionally isolating herself lately, even though she has friends she could turn to.

When Cecil pushes open the door to the room she shares with three other girls, she does her best to be quiet, not wanting to disturb them. She manages to close the door and remove her sword and shield before she ever notices that the girls aren't there, but a familiar, yet changed face is...


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