boarrowedyourwife: Dia-Kiss (Kiss)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Alter) ([personal profile] boarrowedyourwife) wrote in [community profile] nsamusements 2013-04-25 07:51 am (UTC)

Animus Cecil + Alter Diarmuid. Location: Her Room.

[Despite the voice screaming in the very back of his mind, Diarmuid just smirks and stretches, resting his head more comfortably on the arms that are folded behind him on the bed. The bed is not his by any stretch of the imagination and that is why the voice is screaming so loudly. He should not be here. Not nearly naked except for his unbuttoned black slacks, and not on her bed waiting for her to return to her room for the night.

However, this Diarmuid cares not for the cries of his lighter, weaker self. He has fought long and hard for control and now that the administrators have given it to him, he is going to take what his other self has been to wrapped up in honor and loyalty to take.

He will have all those things he denied himself. Starting with the woman his lighter half is too afraid to tell his feelings to.

Diarmuid shifts on the bed slightly and as he does, his eyes drift to the dark red lines that now mark his arms and chest. it's kind of like a tattoo. A pulsing, breathing, tattoo.

One he rather likes despite how creepily alive it seems.

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