Aug. 2nd, 2013

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Update:  It's finally fixed!  Yay!  :-)

As you guys know, my first Call Out Meme is broken because of an error the DW Techs have been working on trying to fix for a while. Unfortunately, they have no idea when it will be fixed because it's a pretty complex thing. All of the threads are still there and able to be accessed if you have a link from somewhere, they just can't be displayed on the page because of the error so the easiest place to grab the link from is toast.

Thankfully, I did save the page not long before it happened so I have access to links to all the threads that were on it. Here is an index of them just in cause anyone wants to see what is there. Please don't use these links to access the threads to continue a thread. If you would like to continue the thread that I haven't already moved, let me know and I will restart it over in my Third Call Me Out Post. It will just be easier for everyone that way.


Special Note:  If you are a long threader like I am, keep in mind what caused the error in the first place was a thread that went over 500 comments.  If you have any threads that are getting close to that now or in the future, be sure to split them off before they hit 500 to avoid ending up with the same error.

Call Out Meme One: Index

Note:  The character listed second in the character pairings is always one of mine, while the first listed character belongs to another person.
  1. Characters: Animus AU Cecil + Animus Diarmuid: Alter Version   Location: Tower of Animus:  Cecil's Room. Warnings (If Any): Mild Smut?  He's Alter, so he's being 'forward' and touchy feely, but nothing actually happens. Link Here
  2. Characters: ProtoSaber + The Servant Network Dia (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)  Location: A market. Warnings (If Any): Mild threat of violence. Otherwise, nothing. Link Here
  3. Characters: Diarmuid + The Servant Network Set (Cu Chulainn)  Location: A market. Warnings (If Any): None. Link Here
  4. Characters:Animus ProtoLancer: Bitty Version + Animus Diarmuid: Bitty Version (AKA: The thread that broke the page...) Location: The Tower of Animus: Various Floors Warnings (If Any): Bitty Shenanigans. Link Here
  5. Characters: Animus AU Waver + Animus Diarmuid  Location: Post-Tower:  Waver's Place. Warnings (If Any): Mistreatment of cake, two derps trying to figure out what they mean to each other, angst, kissing, light making out, Waver without a shirt! *gasp* Link Here
  6. Characters:  Motochika + OU Cu Chulainn (UBW)   Location: Motochika's Boat  Warnings (If Any): Hard Smut! Link Here
  7. Characters:  Motochika + OU Diarmuid   Location: Motochika's Boat  Warnings (If Any): Hard Smut! Link Here
  8. Characters: Animus AU Waver + Animus OU Diarmuid  Location: Tower of Animus: Waver's Room/The Hallway   Warnings (If Any): Angst, bad jokes  Link Here
  9. Characters: Animus ProtoSaber + Animus OU Diarmuid   Location: Tower of Animus: ProtoSaber's Room   Warnings (If Any): Mild Smut? Link Here
  10. Characters: Animus AU Cecil + Animus Diarmuid   Location: Tower of Animus: Diarmuid's Room  Warnings (If Any):  Mild Smut?  Link Here
  11. Characters:  Bitty Setana (Cu Chulainn)  + Broken Angel Diarmuid  Location: Setanta's Room   Warnings (If Any): Blood and injury.  Vague mentions of violence.  Link Here
  12. Characters: Animus AU Waver + Animus Diarmuid  Location:  Post-Tower: Waver's Place  Warnings (If Any):  Blood, injury, mentions of violence and attempted murder, cuddling, angst, kissing, light making out, derps still trying to figure out that romance thing...  Link Here


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